Multipurpose open dryer 

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I will be introducing the multipurpose open dryer or the usual cabinet dryers from our fabricating workshop.

These dryers are effective and can use either has or charcoal. And when they use charcoal, they come with a blower.

Multipurpose dryers are fro drying virtually anything!

Multipurpose cabinet or open dryer

For your cassava, cassava flour, cassava starch, yam flour, plaintain flour, leaves, ginger, anything dry-able, our multipurpose dryer are available to you.

They can be stainless steel or ordinary steel... It all depends on your specifications.

To chose between an open dryer and cabinet dryer will depend on what you intend to dry.

For example, yams, maize, will require an open dryer and not a cabinet dryer.

See pictures of our cabinet dryer below!

Prices ranges from 400,000NGN and above, depending on sizes. They are stainless steel default trays.

Single door multipurpose cabinet dryer

Double door multipurpose cabinet dryer

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