Mr. Dare, as he preferred to be called is a building technologist by profession. He started his career into the farming business in 2013 after he resigned from working for others companies to start his own.

Still working as a building technologist by working solo as his own boss, he started his farming business by helping clients manage their cassava and maize farms from start to harvest. This, he learnt to do after his training with Agricultural institute. Altogether, a total of twenty one hectares was cultivated and harvested across the Nation . It has been a success story all through except for an unfortunate event where we had fire incident.

Moving on, in 2014, he started his course on garri processing. This, coupled with his experience in garri processing as a child, he has helped set up, either through the delivery of  a perfect architectural sketch for his clients, or supervision and construction of garri processing factory.

Having helped many to set up their factories, he offers nothing, but immerse experience in consultancy services for full set up, architectural design, sourcing and marketing, sales and strategy and so on.

email: garriguy007@gmail.com
call/whatsapp: +2347035593128