The cassava peeling machine has always been the bone of contention amongst many. A lot of people argues, without facts but with logical reasoning that it wastes cassava and more. But I have shown for years that the peeling machine, our own peeling machine works perfectly because it scrapes and not peels per say. You can check the results below. And the size, does not matter.

Results of the Cassava processing machines

But today, we are not discussing our peeling machine that it's efficacy that has already been established and settled- we are discussing if the horizontal type and the vertical type of the cassava peeling machine works differently or one is better than the other. So, which is better? The vertical cassava peeling machine or the horizontal cassava peeling machine?

Without wasting time. Understand that both peelers are very effective- at least, ours is. Having being perfected to peel up to 98% clean. But then, there's is a torn-argument about which is better- the horizontal cassava peeling machine or the Vertical cassava peeling machine

Please note that I do not know of any other peeling machine out there, but this discussion is purely based on what we fabricate and have been tested and trusted.

Below is the horizontal and vertical peeling machines, respectively

Horizontal cassava peeling and washing machine
Horizontal cassava peeling and washing machine 

Vertical peeling and washing machine
Vertical cassava peeling and washing machine 

Vertical or horizontal, which cassava peeling machine is better?

Like aforementioned, both cassava peeling machines are perfect. In fact, there is aost no difference in the output except the volume and price. The horizontal cassava peeling and washing machine can peel up to 40kg in 12minutes and uses a 7hp diesel engine.

The horizontal cassava peeling and washing machine can peel up to 80kg in less than 10 minutes and uses electricity. Though, it can use a petrol engine or a diesel engine instead of electricity, but the price would be different.

Below is the video comparison for both cassava peeling and washing machines

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