The 2.5tons/day peeling and washing machine comes with a 175diesle engine (a 175 diesel engine is a type of lister engine, popularly of blue and red colour. At the top, is a chamber for both diesel and water. It is more superior to 165, which is also of the same colour but no compartment for water). Though, an option for an electric motor is also available. It’s all about the choice of the client.
In 2011, some Chinese fabricators brought in some peeling machine which uses blades to peel. These peelers wasted a lot of cassava and people came up with the idea and mind-set that a peeler never works.
This is no more true- our peelers uses a scraping system to peel. It peels and washes at the same time. Though, big, there are others which looks like a steel drum and also scrapes, but the advantages ours have is numerous. Apart from it washing clean, we have modified it to peel the second layer of the cassava, thereby, producing a relatively white garri, unlike the drum-like prototype that leaves a brown garri and doesn’t even wash clean. For this drum-like peeler to achieve the kind of whiteness we offer, some people has to remove the second layer. With ours, no need for extra work!

The peeler can also come in bigger sizes.

1.5tons/day is N450,000 with 165 lister (6hp) engine

2.5tons/day is N550,000 with the 175 lister (7hp) engine

5tons/day is N1,000,000 with the big green lister (10hp) engine

cassava peeling and washing machine with 175 engine
big green lister


The cassava grater (most people confused it as a cassava grinding machine) is used for grating the peeled cassava tubers. Our grater is almost 4ft tall and this is to ensure that, unless deliberately done, no one puts in their hands. Although, the least we fabricate is a 1ton/hr grater, it can peel up to 4tons in 3hrs. It also comes with a 175 diesel engine. The bigger version is a 2tons/hr grater, and this comes with the big green Lister engine- same popularly used for generators. The 175 can also be used for generators)
Our graters is fabricated to ensure easy cleaning, after use. The top can easily be removed or tilted to ensure thorough washing!

Price is N270,000 for 1ton/hr and N470,000 for the big brother- 2tons/hr. while many argue of the price, one should understand that the big green lister engine is sold for at least, 240,000!

grating machine


wrong way to press


Our cassava pressing machines are 5ft tall and can take up to 10bags of grated cassava pulp. It comes with a 32tons jack that allows you to press twice in 24hrs. You can press tonight and fry tomorrow and press another in the morning to be fried by evening.

There is an option of a pneumatic pressers. This is a monster presser and one can press up to 40bags at once. The best thing is that, you can press and fry within one hour!

Price of the manual is |N110,000 each, with the jack
Price of the pneumatic (automatic) is N550,000. This uses electricity.

right way to press



Many has been said about this machine- ranging from its texture to taste. But they are all wrong. Though, not in entirety because some fabricators delivers bad jobs. Our fryers has no problem with taste or texture, nor will it deliver a powder for you as garri. It has been carefully designed to deliver exactly what you want. It uses less fuel because it has a trap at the bottom, where fuel (gas, charcoal, electricity or firewood) is fed into and the heat doesn’t escape easily. It is properly insulated with fibre glass which ensure the heat is trapped-in and the operator doesn’t get burnt from the outside. No matter the amount of heat it is subjected to, it only gets warm on the body, outside.
Depending on the choice of heat by the client, the fryer can be fabricated to use any source of heat, available. The commonest being charcoal, gas or firewood. It comes with a gas burner, as a bonus for our clients!
It fries between 40min and 60min and can fry up to 50kg/fry. A fry is normally between 40min and 60min.

Our fryer is 5ft wide and 4ft tall. Insulated with fibre glass.

Price is N600,000 for the one that uses electric motor and N700,000 for the one that would require we install a small gasoline engine to drive the paddles.


Automatic frying machine with gasoline engine to drive it

result from the frying machine


Often mispronounced as the garri 'shifting machine', The garri sifting machine comes with a small petrol engine- a diesel engine would be too powerful. It only need 5hp. Our sifter can be used for both wet and dry jobs- that is before frying or after frying. Unless for bigger volume of production, one is generally enough.

Depending on the choice of the producer, sifting can be done after before or after frying. For profit maximization, most people fry after frying. What they do is throw back the pressed pulp into the grater and fry. This would reduce the sizes of the ungrated lumps. After frying, sifting could now be done. Another advantage of this, is that the koko garri doesn’t need to be re-fried.

Sifter is N180,000- there are no bigger options.

Sifting machine


The grinder is used to grind the koko garri or the garri itself, if the grains are larger that wanted. It cannot be used to grate as grating is different from grinding. It also comes with the same engine as the sifter. The price is N150,000.

grinding machine


The manual frying tray is not only different from the local frying tray because it is stainless steel. No, it does in many other ways too. It is of two sizes-

A 4ft by 8ft (just like joining two big ceilings together)
A 4ft by 4ft (which is just one ceiling)

The manual fryer, being stainless steel, gets heated quickly and thereby, is faster, uses less fuel and the big one can fry up to 20kg at a fry while the small one would fry 12kg. A fry is normally calculated between 40min and 60min, depending on how dry the pulp is, after pressing.
These are all the machinery we produce. We do not produce a sealing machine, bag stitcher, packaging machine or the rest. These could be purchased elsewhere. All machinery are stainless steel except for the holding frames, the presser and the rolling drum of the peeler. The rolling drum of the peeler is not stainless steel because we use 5mm steel and no stainless could be used for this purpose.

A 4ft x 8ft fryer is N130,000 while half of that (4ft x 4ft) is N70,000
manual fryers ready for delivery
mounted 4ft x 8ft manual fryers

                                IMPORTANCE OF THESE MACHINERY

It is a 'reputational-suicide', if one discusses how expensive these machinery are, without discussing how important these machinery are. Which in turn, are the advantages.


The body parts, being stainless is the first factor. Stainless steels are twice expensive that the mild-steel counterpart. But, this is not because it just wanted to be. First. You are free from rust. You cannot be scared to wash your machinery because you fear the moisture could bring in rust, which is inevitable with mild-steel or galvanized. 

You are also free from contamination of the food processing. Even if you just want to sell your produce to the open market, you have closed all doors to rare opportunities by not embracing the stainless steel for you production machinery. People who doesn’t have factories but are into repackaging wouldn’t be able to source from you because once their products are tested by the food regulatory bodies, it loses straightaway. The presence of iron, from rust would be detected, sand and other impurities. Regulated institutions and bodies wouldn’t be doing business with you either. Exporters wouldn’t even dare!


The effectiveness of these carefully crafted machinery cannot be over emphasized.

The peeler will peel each batch within 15min.

The grater will grate 4tons of cassava (same needed to produce 20bags of 50kg of garri) in 3hrs.

The Sifter will sift tons of garri in minutes. What it would take hands to do it 1hr, it will do in 15min! Same with the grinder.

The manual fryer would fry 20kg at once at most.

The pneumatic pressers can press within 30min and the manual can press within 8hrs.

The automatic fryers are stress free and can fry larger quantities at once. You only need to put in the pulp, switch on the fryer and watch it turn. Stop when you think you’ve achieved your required crispiness, scoop it out and start a new batch!


Stainless steel gets heated very quickly, thus, the need for lesser fuel. It doesn’t burn as widely insinuated. The fuel, to be used for the peeler or the frying machine is lesser than the labour to be paid for manual.

If it costs you N500 to fry one bag of garri and you fry 20bags per day, that’s N10,000/day. If you fry for 24days per month, that 480bags of garri to be fried at N240,000 if a bag is fried at N500.

You should understand that diesel machines are fuel-efficient, and you cannot use 5,000 fuel, daily. But let us assume you used 7,000 fuel to fry per day, you are still able to save, N3,000 X 24days = N72,000!


A full automated factory that has a peeler, a grater, two pressers, a sifter, a grinder and an automatic fryer could be effectively ran by just two personnel- the manager and his assistance!

To Mention few, I believe these will suffice- thank you



For questions, kindly call/chat with garriguy via


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