How to start Garri business with just 50,000 naira.

Garri business is a money making venture (when done right) and it requires a lot to set up. I can tell you that it cost nothing less between 1.5million and above to do so.

But at it is, it is not impossible for anyone, who is ready to put in efforts to do this business with just 50,000 naira.

It almost didn't check out but I will explain, so 

Calm down, no rushing, I will explain...

😂😂 That's funny, right?

Back to business.

The real deal is,

1. You buy from producers,

2. You repackage

3. You sell

And No, it's not illegal.

All you need to be careful of not doing is stamping your name on the package. One you decided to put your name there, like "garriguy's sweet yellow Garri" then you must register with the Food regulatory authorities. But if you keep it discreet like, "sweet Garri ijebu" or "fine yellow Garri", then you're good to go. If if you are being approached, you have no case to answer to. You simply decided to modify the regular package and you weren't selling a trademarked product.

So, what are the things you need to start your Garri business without having your own Garri factory?

You may be thinking, how the hell does 50,000 help me start?

But hey, guy...

Will you let me finish?

😂😂 just need...

1. A bag of Garri, bought anywhere (N10,000)

2. A pack of branded nylon bag of yours (N15,000, depends on numbers)

3. A hand sealer (12,000)

4. A small generator (16,000)

I guess you know the rest!!!

That's all and you're on to making your thousands. Imagine making just 1,000 on each bag and u we're able to sell off 50bags a month or maybe, 1,000 bags in 5 months.


what are you waiting for?

*photo credit: the picture of the branded bag of Garri is from a Garri processing factory (CALEBELLA FOODS).*

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