CASSAVA PLANTATION- why you should consider having your own farm

Planting of cassava, for an intended Garri processing investor should be a plan, either at the early stage or for the future. Nevertheless, it must be paramount.

This is not because, if he were to be buying Cassava, he won't make his own profit, no. It is simply because, as an investor, your plan is to make profit, and maximize it, using resources, as little as possible.

By calculation, we should expect that a heactare of a Cassava farm, should yield, at least, 30tons of cassava. But because of negligence and other factors, let's say, 20 tons.

With this, an acre is expected to yield 8tons of fresh tubers.

Now, this eight (8) tons would give you 40bags of cassava (with all assumption that the cassava is of a good variety-- varieties of Cassava would be discussed later).

Now, by calculations, if you are to cultivate an acre of cassava, you should at least, be ready to spend between 60,000 to 80,000naira.

You require just less than 28bundles of cassava stems to plant for one acre. Even at 600 naira per bundle, that's less than 17,000. With transport, that's 18,000(calculations is for another day)

Now, for a simple mathematics, if a ton of cassava costs 40,000 and you need to process 8 tons, that's

 *40,000 x 8tons= 320,000*

Now, even if you spent 150,000 on your acre of land, due to bad planning, and gifted harvesters another 30,000 to harvest, because you are feeling like a father Christmas, and used another 20,000 to take it to farm, that makes a total of 200,000.

While your books reflected 200,000 as the cost of raw materials, others, who had no choice but to buy, must reflect 320,000-  which is 120,000 more than you spent.

Let's even assume that you spent 250,000 overall, then you still have 70,000 to add to your own profit..

It's no news, that this is the real deal...A surefire way of making it quicker, in this business. Here, you are not at the mercy of anyone, no farmer will dictate your price.

This may not necessarily be your plan at the start of your factory, but it must be a future plan, to be executed as you progress in this business.

Farmlands, may not necessarily be within your factory. It may not even be within the same state that your factory is. Some people prefer it to be in the same land that the factory is. This is cool, but not when you prefer your factory to be closer to the major road.

You must at least, before choosing the location of your factory, understand that you may have the need to buy. If you are too far from civilization, sellers would prefer to sell nearby, or overcharge you- sensing that your options are limited. But if you are closer to the major road (this is not a mandatory tarred road, but motorable), then you can reach out, easily, and vise versa.

My advice, as a consultant, is to buy some few acres or plots, as would require of your factory's capacity, at a more accessible location, and then, travel as far as civilization would permit you, to get yourself a farmland!

Farmland, should never be expensive, hence, the reason they are not expected to be within actual reach!

It is a privilege, if one is able to secure a cheap farmland, near a good and accessible location, because, one can as well, plant his factory within the greens of his farmland!

Stay blessed!


  1. A nice and informative post. I want to stsrt garri business from next year. I will need a lot of information from you. Remain blessed.

  2. I am always available, Sir.


  3. How many tonnes of cassava are in a Pickup and also a Cabstar? Thank you.


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