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Many ask:

Can I venture into the production of garri when I haven't built my own factory?

The answer is yes, but allow me to say,
'The is the question for the gods. Kindly let us ask the Oracle'..

Let us ask the Oracle..

Yes!!! The Oracle has spoken: H said you can start!!!

Jokes apart, you can start any business without having to build a factory of your own.

The process involved in modern garri production is the same as the old, we will only be making use of better machineries and we must maintain a good hygiene.

What do I need to know in local garri production?

1. The first thing is to visit a local factory and monitor the processing. Monitoring the processing is not a big deal, but it becomes more clearer to you if you already read about it. Even if you haven't processed one before, when you read a complete guide, you will understand better when the processing is practically done.

***Get the garri processing manual that explains in detail, the process of production of different types of garri and how to manage your factory*** click HERE for your manual

2. Ask questions

When I say, 'ask questions', I really meant, 'ask questions like a spy'. Be a little of James Bond. If you go around, telling people that you want to come and produce and you will like to know how much each process costs, then, you are a goner. I assure you that you will be paying for their next trip to Dubai!!

You would be billed si high that your profit be non existing.

What you need to do is simple:

Sit around and listen,
Make friends with the locals,
Be friendly and don't act like you're the only one who got formal education.

3. Understand the type of cassava used.

In an area, there is a particular type of cassava used in garri production. If you think you are smart and will bring your own from the city or town because your don a tie and flash a Samsung galaxy phone, I am sorry for you.

There is a fix price for everything. And most times, when you pay for the usage of a factory, you pay per day. 

Some cassavas will definitely not give you the required bag, and it doesn't concern the workers whether you start production by 8am and everything ended by 11am... This will happen if the type of cassava is the type which has too much starch content and would only produce little garri, no matter thr volume. In fact, you will be wasting your time because you are 80% sure to lose.

Those who are into this business will not lose... They will not buy a bad cassava for garri and those selling will not bring in a bad one. Therefore, talk with the supplier and understand each type that comes in. Buy from then when ready... No need to rush... Your popular TME is a learner!

A local variety from Anambra

4. Monitor you production.

The moment you are satisfied with what you are seeing, It is time to go to work and start the process of production. But you really need to know what they are doing before you can direct them on what to do.

Otherwise, don't be surprised when your yelow garri is crisply dry, your Ijebu garri is big grained and not dry enough and your garri flour na

That happens when you yourself is a novice and they are the one telling you...

'this is is how it is done, Oga. No teach us our work'

***Get the garri processing manual that explains in detail, the process of production of different types of garri and how to manage your factory*** click HERE for your manual

5. You need a digital scale and a nylon sealer. At least, you want to repackage and resell.

A digital Scale

A manual nylon sealer

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