A garri modern processing factory with manual fryers

Hey, it’s me again- the garri guy. Don’t worry, I’m still the same old garri consultant, I only opened this strictly for business. I still retain my number : +2347035593128, but a new email,

Now, to business and the most asked question of the decade- IS GARRI BUSINESS PROFITABLE?

If I get a dollar every time a potential client ask me this question, I should have at least some sizeable amount of cash at hand right now. But I won’t blame them- who wants to throw his money in a business that won’t bring in good profit? But one way or the other, the same woman who occupies a spot in the open market, selling garri has refused to vacate the place or change business even when she said she’s been there for years, and even after decades, she’s still there, selling her garri. This should leave us with two options:

1. Either she likes to lose or

2. She’s actually making some money!

Whatever she’s making is enough to pay for her children’s fess. And whenever these kids are home, all they do is assist in making more garri!!!

What many failed to realise is that, garri business is food business and food business is the best and most profitable you could think of. No matter how poor a man is, he wants to eat, and no matter how little he makes, he will still have to eat from it or with all of it!

I won’t worry you about the statistics, I am already straight at the street and relate with you in ways that are peculiar to us.

1. Many companies have folded up, but why are companies selling snacks and food product still in existence?

Now, halt, don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about new products that need to compete aggressively with the other existing and rooted companies that produce almost the same product, I am talking about companies that decided to be innovative like gala, fan yogo, coca cola, milo and so on. But in the case of our precious garri, the competition is almost non-existence. Why? Don’t worry, i will tell you… and don’t get bored, I am still going to the topic and produce a rough financial estimate of how lucrative garri business is. *oya, bros, smile*

2. Garri is a staple food in Nigeria just as rice is to Thailand!

3. The masses are mostly the average and below average Nigerians, they’re the local market. Forget it, they are always ready to buy!

So, I ask, why is the competition non-existence with garri production?

1. Apart from a particular type of garri like, ijebu garri, egba garri, yellow garri, koko garri and so on (if you will like to know the way each types is produce, pls, get hold of my manual and read), who actually goes to the open market (not supermarkets) to by a particular brand by saying,
“excuse me Ma, do you have Dangotte garri”? *LOL*

a snapshot of the manual's front page and table of contents

2. You are so smart and quick in the game, you actually may have gotten your branded garri into the popular supermarkets around you. And buyers have no choice but to buy it since most supermarkets deal wiyth a brand unless, of course, someone else is supersmart and have decided to proffer one with a better prfit to them. Either way, that’s the only way you sell a branded garri without exporting. Other ways are when you sell in offices and to targeted elites around brand.

3. Your market is the majority (the masses, the average earners). In Nigeria alone, almost 150million belongs to the average class and you must find this staple food in their home. Many look into exporting, but what they failed realise is that the local market is able to consume any tons you want to produce. But, exportation gives more value in monetary terms!

Pls, don’t be part of the people saying garri is poor man’s food.. Abeg, garri is food and it’s even Cassava flakes sef, if we have to package am and give it a proper name. Just like corn flakes… Na Cassava flakes. More or less like golden morn abi wetin dem dey call am?

…Now, if you want to know more about garri production and how to manage your garri factory, kindly buy my manual for just 1,000. You can aslo buy through recharge card.

Now, to the matter…

By now, you should have known that you need at least four (4) tons of fresh tubers to get a ton of garri. A ton of garri is twenty (20) bags of 50kg.

You will permit me to skip the processes of garri making as that is already explained in the manual or kindly visit a local factory.

Now, let’s use a worst case scenario in our calculations… I like that because it leaves no room for error. And hey, shout out to all ye smartasses, who have been posing as potential clients, troubling my life for a profit analysis, just to write a credible business plan for their clients, oya, food is ready ooo. ..LOL… come and copy and paste. But wait, realise that this is not the actual process or price, this one is just… u know…*winks*

Moving on…

1. A truck of fresh tubers is about 3 tons (talking about the old Peugeot pickups and the likes. You will see them a lot at the villages). Let’s say you buy this at an alarming rate of 80, 000 naira, and by the time you buy more to make it four tons, you already spent 100, 000.

2. Following the usual process and taking into consideration that the machine I always proffered for my clients’ is capable of eating up and vomiting this paltry four tons in just three (3) hours after peeling with machine (spending zero naira) or using the old way of hand peeling (5,000 naira).

3. Moving on, after another process, we finally get to pressing and we pressed with one of my preferred dewatering machine which is capable of pressing ten (10) bags at a time and ready to fry within six (6) hours! This costs us another zero naira!

4. Now, we follow another process and that leads us to frying. We can fry the old way or we fry the mechanical way. The old way will cost you 12,000 naira to fry 20 bags of 50kg (not true. It is far lesser but we are considering the worst case scenario).

5. Overall, we spent 100,000 for raw materials, 5,000 for manual peeling, 12,000 for frying, 6,000 for fuel (both diesel, petrol and or firewood/gas) and 5,000 for other labourers. All together, we have spent 130,000 trying to process. Let’s not forget transportation and logistics..em… let’s em… say, we spent 20,000. That brings us to 150,000.

Currently, a bag of garri costs between 10,000 and 11,000 from the factory or garri market and it is sold at 13,000 or 14,000 at the open market. Don’t forget that people make more by selling in small batches and not the whole bag. But that one no ‘kon-sign’ u… abi una wan chop profit?

Anyways, with the analysis, we spent 150,000 and sold 20bags at 10,000. That's a profit of 50,000 for every batch! And believe me, you can process 40bags in a week as a small scale factory owner!

Now, the reason why our grandmothers don’t make more money from this product is because many don’t even produce more than 5bags due to…

1. Using the old method
2. Using of too much energy
3. Using old and slow machines
4. Very small work force!

The reason we will make more and produce more is the opposite of all that is above. With sophisticated machines and good planning..making us produce at least 10tons of fresh tubers in a week (that’s more than 40bags)

Here we are…

For more information, full consultancy services to set up your factory, machineries and installation, managerial services, delivery of your factory layout and plan (architectural sketch), marketing strategies, and hey, the intended purchase of my manual (you can buy with a recharge card- just 1,000 naira and I will send to your mail or thru WhatsApp)..

examples of perspective, views of our architectural sketch for processing factories

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